Zao Uniform Shops Management

Zao Uniform Shop Management is a relatively new way of school uniform service and already tested by some schools in the past four years. Under this arrangement, We take care all the uniform related services in schools, even the inventory could be included in. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Shop Decorations and Facilities
  • Point of Sales System
  • E-commerence plantform
  • Staffing and Training
  • Uniform Massive Distribution and Daily Sales
  • Daily Sales Financial Report
  • Uniform Inventory Ordering  
  • Uniform Vouchers and Credit


The above services are very flexible.  single or multiple services can be chosen to meet the specific requirements of schools' uniforms services stages.  

Please note:

Based on our previous experience, there is a 500-enrollment threshold for us to take care all the inventory.

Please send your enquiry to, Thank you.