Uniform Safety

Zao Uniform products follow the related textile regulations for both fabric and final products safeties. Through the in-house inspection group and third party inspection lab, all material and final products are under inspected. 

Current in China, the compulsory textile standard is GB18401-2010, "National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products". 

All uniform products are safety and pass the following inspections:

  • Fiber Composition (GB/T 16988-1997)
  • Determination Of Formaldehyde (GB/T 2912.1-2009)
  • pH Value (GB/T 7573-2009)
  • Odour (GB 18401-2003)
  • Colour Fastness To Ribbing (GB/T 3920-2008): Dry
  • Colour Fastness To Water: Color Change/Color Staining
  • Colour Fastness To Perspiration (GB/T 3922-1995): Color Change/Color Staining
  • Detection Of Amines In Dyestuff: 24 Kinds of Forbidden Amines

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