About Us

 The north-west turret of Forbidden City in Beijing @ Sep 2009 by the founder of Zao Uniform  

Luming textile manufacture facility has been existing in Beijing since 2006.  The uniform business came to us at 2009. The founders of the company have been in textile manufacturing company with 15 years experience. We have been given accredited vendor status by many clients. Fits and safety are our top two philosophies during developing and making uniforms. Our products are frequently tested by S.G.S. and Intertek Testing Services two internationally accredited testing houses.

All the teams have been worked for many uniform procurement projects and uniform shops managements. For instance, we have been prepared 12 uniform distribution weeks for a international school groups in China with about 3000 enrollments. 

Most of the Chinese public schools only provide PE uniforms to students for all days wearing. And most of the uniforms are very baggy, not fit at all. Zao Uniform's philosophy is to wherever possible give the original properties school uniforms supposed to be. We believe wearing uniforms also a part of learning process for school students. Proper Uniforms teach students with disciplines and great living habits.

Our services to uniform clients including:

  • Designs
  • Raw Material Stocks 
  • Full Uniform Products
  • Uniform Inventory Optimization
  • Parents Buying Patterns Anticipation 
  • Uniform School Shops Management
  • Uniform Distribution and Logistics
  • Uniform Export and Import
  • E-Commerce Interface (suitable for international schools in China)

Please send the enquiry to Sales@t3uniform.com, Thank you.